By Thomas H. Jacobs


Welcome to My name is Tom Jacobs. In 1999, while studying abroad in Berlin, Germany, I was diagnosed with a massive tumor directly in the center of my brain. Through this time, my family and I experienced nightmares that we never could have imagined. We also celebrated some of the most wonderful days of our lives. This is my story of how my family and friends helped take me back from the dead.


The book is free but if you are so inclined, please let others know about this book and make a charitable donation to The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. They can be found at The suggested donation is $10, but give whatever is in your heart.


I would like to thank a lot of people here. There is nothing I can say or do to equal what you did for me, without these people, I would be dead:


My Family: Sophi Jacobs, James Jacobs, Jan Sweeney

Emily Kuwahara

Nicholas Capetillo

Adam Menzel

Daisy Carrington

Elisabeth Pruesor

Karen Kramer

Maria Biege

All of the students and staff in the Stanford in Berlin Program. I would mention you all, but I’ve forgotten names… hey, I had a brain tumor; back off!(laugh)

Dr Wunderlich

Dr Lansch

Dr Fetell

Dr Bruce

Dr Mears

Dr Isaacson

Nurse Susan

Professor Henner Hess

All the countless others who saved my life. I love you!


This book is dedicated to Eric Ehrenberg, Ben Tomsky, Felix Reichling, Calla Papadimus, Tamara, and Pattie, as well as all those who are suffering with brain tumors or with cancer of any kind.


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